At CORPUS, we believe that the very idea of the act of building goes beyond the temporal framework and intervention of the sole object of our work. Because of its lifespan and its location on a common territory, architecture takes on a wider reflection than the simple framework of the commission. The projected or built object carries within it the aspirations and vision of today's society for its future.

At CORPUS, we want to clarify and make these issues clear in each of our projects and to make the guidelines of our work explicit. Thus, each project is approached with a long-term focus and on a broader scale. Starting with an in-depth inventory, it is broken down into themes of reflection that generate meaning, such as quality of use in an extended time frame, environmental needs or urban integration. Each project thus develops its own challenges to which we strive to find an appropriate response.

At CORPUS, each development must be guided by urban planning considerations in order to meet these challenges.


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