Urban furniture


The public bench is the place in the city, the place of asylum, of rest, the place where we take a breath before the renewed effort, it belongs to what is commonly called street furniture, the public bench appears with the city.

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In classical times, it was called "exedras" from the Latin exedra after the Greek word exedros, which means "who is outside", usually following a semicircular plan, which facilitates contact between the interlocutors. In the Middle Ages, they were integrated into buildings. The benches then decorate parks and gardens, canals and public walks.

In France, Baron Haussmann and his architect Gabriel Davioud (Inspector General of Architectural Works of the City of Paris, and Chief Architect at the service of promenades and plantations) punctuated the Parisian streets with various furniture. The benches were arranged in the alignment of the trees, at the edge of the sidewalks.


1860 Street furniture Paris, Banc public, Haussmann

Hymn to the bench
Georges Brassens - Les amoureux des bancs publics
Renaud - Mistral Gagnant

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