New constructions


A house of great accuracy, where it was a question of creating an intimate nest with a certain elegance. An expression of modernity and an assumed privacy.

It was a virgin land in the heart of the town of Versoix, an introverted plot, surrounded here by barriers of hedges, thereby a sports field, almost everywhere by individual villas with contrasting typologies.
A square of greenery where we find a certain idea of everyone at home, out of sight. The area is constrained to 800 m2 for a maximum density of 220 m2. The idea is to enjoy a garden, sun while being protected from the neighborhood. A chestnut and a cypress come to offer their benevolent shadows.

An economy of effects
To meet the economic constraints, it was necessary to rationalize, bring geometry by proposing a rectangular structure that shifts, in the manner of the element "S-block" in a game of Tetris. This volumetric expression of the domestic organization makes it possible to orchestrate the spaces: here the parental space, there that of the children, at the bottom the public communes, at the top the private domain. Thanks to the shift created, it is also possible to integrate a covered terrace in front of the stage, a garage on the back of the house. The interweaving of the elements allows a greater dynamism, a game of scales welcome. The mirror pool is the cherry on the house.

Praise of domesticity
The feeling that emerges is that of a volumetric constraint but fully assumed, where reveals a certain efficiency of architecture. We get rid of the frills to focus on the essentials, a way to give a modern expression to this ideal mansion. It is a square of intimacy placed on a paved perimeter, relieved of some selected details in order to give it a certain elegance: stone tablets which are like so many relieves delimiting the principal access, the two levels of terraces. There are these borders at the level of the base and the coronation. This facade recreated for an almost monastic rendering.

A form of nest
It is a project that can be estimated with great accuracy. A protective volume where lighter, airy elements are like cosmetic touches. There is the spirit of a certain order, but also that of the nest, with a large number of spaces that are truly intimate.

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