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Images Régis Golay / Federal.

Since time immemorial, humankind has sought refuge and healing in the bowels of the Earth.
Natural sanctuaries have always held a fascination for human beings, offering shelter and often much more. The forerunner of indoor swimming pools, the history of indoor baths stands out as a fascinating testament to the perpetual quest for well-being and healing. Ancient civilisations, aware of the healing properties of hot springs and underground waters, often erected sacred structures around what are known as grottos. The baths in these spaces became places of ritual, ceremony and healing, and were often the scene of cultural encounters and sharing between different civilisations. They have served as focal points where history, medicine and spirituality have intertwined, creating a fascinating and diverse heritage, where the symbiosis between man and nature has given rise to unique traditions and timeless experiences.

Today, the creation of a private pool within a home is an exciting and luxurious undertaking, elevating the experience of everyday life to new heights of comfort and refinement. When we set out to design such a work, our aim is to marry timeless elegance with high-quality materials, creating an oasis of relaxation and sophistication.

The heart of the project is the pool itself, designed to be much more than just a pool. The architecture incorporates clean lines and elegant shapes, creating a harmonious aquatic space. The clever design of the pool also incorporates a spa, adding an extra dimension of relaxation and well-being.

We've selected top-of-the-range materials to ensure exceptional quality and long-term durability. The walls of the pool are lined with Taj Mahal stone, creating an enchanting play of light that dances on the surface of the water. The natural stone coping adds an organic touch, while providing an elegant transition between the indoor living space and the aquatic area.

Sophisticated lighting transforms the pool into a captivating night-time spectacle, accentuating the architectural contours and creating a warm ambience. State-of-the-art heating and filtration systems ensure a comfortable, hassle-free swimming experience, adding a modern touch to this private oasis.
The skylight in the ceiling allows natural light to flood the space, creating a connection between the sky and the pool. Three relaxation areas in Oregon pine border the pool.


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