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Almost self-sufficient in energy, it owns the landscape with majesty.
The new Monte Rosa hut is a mountain refuge at the Swiss Alpine Club at 2,883 m altitude in the canton of Valais, inaugurated in 2009. The construction project was developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. collaboration with the Swiss Alpine Club.
The cabin of the CAS section (Swiss Alpine Club) of Monte Rosa takes hold of the landscape and the light of high altitude because its aluminum silver facade reflects the environment. Its construction and technique are the brainchild of the students of the EPF (Federal Institute of Technology), under the leadership of Dr. Meinrad K. Eberle. The building is almost self-sufficient in terms of energy, wastewater is recycled. The hut is also used by the EPF as a research object in the energy and building technology sectors. After its opening in 2009 and in the following years, the hut nicknamed "Crystal of Rock" was taking by storm because of the global interest for its architecture and design.
The adventure alone attracts and the route leads, through the Gorner Glacier, to the alpine world of high altitude, with views of the glaciers, the Matterhorn and the highest mountains of the Alps. The crossing is a high altitude trekking via the glacier area.
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