We are proud to participate in the creation of the new journal RADDAR (Revue annuelle de Design / Design Annual Review), bilingual French / English, it is co-published by the young and small publishing house Parisian T&P Work UNit.
RADDAR is for anyone who wants to understand or discover how design irrigates every aspect of human activity or culture. Industrialization, machine, visual arts, exhibition, high culture and popular culture, commerce, cinema, poetry, science are invited, just as the way they reinvent a world where human activities and the status of objects are constantly evolving.
It is carried by an expert and all the texts of the researchers are original and unpublished.
The ambition, making a French-speaking voice interacting with international research to contribute to the circulation of ideas, between design and related disciplines.
Each issue of 220 pages is thematic. The first issue will be published in January 2019.
To be continued ...

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