Corporate Social Responsibility

success for our first assessment.

Each year, we contribute to the IECD (European Institute for Cooperation and Development), an international solidarity association operating in 15 countries.

In partnership with Tak Border Child Assistance, IECD inaugurated in 2009 the HCTC (Hospitality and Catering Training Center) vocational training centre located in Mae Sot, northwest Thailand.
Each year, the school trains about 60 young students, mainly from the Karen minority (a Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group of 4 to 5 million people, they constitute the second largest ethnic minority in number), in the hotel and restaurant industry and supports them in their social and professional integration. A plateform for vulnerable young people.

The IECD's mission on this project are, the support of students, the development of the school's sustainability, the support of students, becoming a centre of expertise in the hotel and restaurant industry, partnerships and the school's visibility.
It is with great joy that we announce the first feedback from this magnificent project in figures:

65 young people aged 17 to 23 in training at school, 51% of whom are girls.
35 young graduates in May 2019, bringing the total number of graduates since the creation of the HCTC to 156.
97% of positive integration (employment or studies).

And the income generated by the school multiplied by more than 2 between 2016 and 2019.

"One of the best ways to help someone is to give them a responsibility and let them know that you trust them. »

Booker T. Washington


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